1. The hole that you prepare is the secret to good growth. When planting new plants take care to follow the instructions given with your plant.
  2. Remember to soak the plant well so it will slip out of the container easily.
  3. Dig the hole wider and deeper than the size of the container that your plant is coming out of.
  4. Put Gee-up in the bottom of the hole, mix in some soil. At this stage test the depth for your plant by firming down the Gee-up and soil mix and standing your plant in, still in its container.
  5. Add more Gee-up and soil if needed to get the level right. (Use the long handle of your fork or spade across the hole to help you judge, if you’re not sure about the level). Scoop out some if your plant sits up too high. When you are happy that this is right, slip your plant out of its’ container.
  6. If there are many and congested roots, very gently tease out some loose ends, without breaking them.
  7. Place the plant so that the top of the compost from the container will be the very same as the level of the new ground.
  8. A little water in the bottom of the hole now ensures moisture right at the bottom, not too much as it would become difficult and messy to make the plant firm in the ground.
  9. Fill in the hole with equal parts Gee-up and soil until level with the surface. Then stand gently but firmly all around the plant while holding it upright. Don’t be afraid to firm the plant into its’ new ground with your foot. It must not be able to move. Stake if necessary.
  10. Top up again to ground level with the same mix. Water thouroughly. Finally finish with a mulch of Gee-up around the surface. Stand back and admire!