Gee-up looks most attractive as a mulch, it is a wonderful way to tidy up the flower beds in the Autumn. When you are cutting back spent vegetation and pulling out any weeds spread it around and your beds will immediately look neat and tidy.

The most important thing when mulching with Gee-up is to remember that Gee-up will encourage everything to grow!

Clear weeds, and their roots, from the ground to be covered first. Any weeds that do grow in the loose surface of your mulch will pull out easily.

Gee-up helps to retain moisture in the soil when the weather is dry. Any plants that like to be kept moist around their roots will benefit.

Mulched Nerines

Geeup Mulch

Paul Quigley growing veg. on the Burren

Growing vegetables on the Burren - Paul Quigley