How to use it

Gee-up is a soil enricher. It fertilises and improves your soil by the slow release of nutrients.
It is PH neutral 7.0 so it is gentle and suitable for all plants. It adds humus also.

Charlie Wilkins of the Irish Examiner chats about Gee-up
Manfred Baer Garden Designer in Mary Byrne’s garden

There are TWO ways of applying Gee-up

Ideally, both methods together if you are planting new plants. The result will be strong, lush growth.
Gee-up can be used at anytime of the year. Gee-up is marvellous for pots, tubs and hanging baskets as it helps retain moisture and feeds the plants for you, any particularly “hungry” plants will benefit greatly. Be assured, Gee-up is well composted and very mature, it will not “burn” as fresh manure can do.

Seamus Eivers of Garrycloyne House