How Gee-up is made

Gee-up is the product of composting horse manure in the old fashioned way using time and allowing nature to take its course breaking down the manure and bedding until it produces a fine texture. The majority of the bedding is wood shavings.

We use manure from local riding stables and make windrows which are regularly turned to aerate and mix. This keeps the temperature high for several months, well above 60C at its peak.

At Gee-up, we are very careful to ensure traceability of the horse manure we compost. Every batch of manure that comes in from the stables is composted separately and tested on seedlings to check for any signs of Aminopyralid or similar chemicals before going to market. We have never had any contamination.


When it is ready it is brought in to the barn to assist drying.

The next stage is to sieve the composted manure to remove any unwanted lumps, stones or horseshoes.

The purchase of a purpose built machine was aided by the South Cork Enterprise Board. The design of this machine involved a great deal of trial and error before achieving the required result.

After sieving the manure is bagged, the bags are sealed placed onto pallets and wrapped ready for delivery.