Gee-up Is Pure Simple Organic Fertiliser

Gee-up is Certified Organic compost made from horse manure, one of the best sources of all the nutrients and humus for healthy fertile soil. Made near Blarney, Cork. Gee-up is horse manure, nothing added, it is simply composted for over a year reaching temperatures of at least 60 degrees C, this kills weed seeds and results in a wonderful textured, dark brown, friable and odourless compost. Peat free, excellent for the soil, easy to dig in, very effective to use as a mulch – let the worms do the digging.

Horse manure contains a full range of both major and minor nutrients, it produces Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash as it breaks down, as well as adding humus to the soil. It is Ph. neutral 7.0, suitable for all plants.

Our short video is an interview with Adam Whitbourn, head gardener at Blamey Castle.
Adam discusses how they use Gee-up to replenish and nurture the Autumn garden.

Just try it, with the difference it makes, you’ll want to give some to all your plants. Available in Small bags approx. 12kgs, Large bags approx. 18kgs and in Bulk bags of approx. 1 cubic metre.

Now also in XL bulk bags of 1.6 cubic metres.

We deliver to all 32 counties on the island of Ireland and this is included in the prices listed. We cannot deliver to UK at this time. Delivery usually in 2-3 working days.


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