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The Phoenix Sept. 2014

RECYCLING horse manure into high quality garden compost has made Gee-up, the Blarney-based business, a national success. More than 10 years ago, the founders developed a method to convert horse manure into a clean, odourless and highly effective product that has garnered a loyal following among gardening afficianados. This totally Irish product has delighted users over the years and they are now digging in for Autumn. Now is the time for tidying up your borders; weeding, pruning and spreading the Gee-up. Mulching the soil now will feed it for the next growing season; Gee-up adds humus as well as a wide range of nutrients and some worms too! The worms have been working away all summer long making Gee-up friable and luxurious to work with. It's the way to make your flower beds look fantastic while improving your soil at the same time.
See their website for details. 


Evening Echo August 28th 2014

'Weed out your impatience with a plan of attack' by Charlie Wilkins

...My plan of action therefore this autumn includes smothering all existing annual weeds with a thick layer of organic material.
Those covered will die and any weed seeds on the soil surface which are deprived of light and air will not germinate.
Anything in the organic line will suffice: well rotted manure, garden compost, Gee-up horse manure or even pine needles which are wonderful beneath acid-loving rhododendrons and other lime haters....

Glanmire Area News   May 2014  Charlie Wilkins 

On the subject of the colour blue and bulbs:

...Increasingly... look to Glory of the Snow (botanically known and sold as Chionodoxa) for their reliability, compactness, ability to colonise, and early appearance. They're extremely hardy and do well in either full sun or lightly shaded areas, provided neither become too hot or too dry in summer. Mulching their position with any kind of organic material (wetted Gee-up will be found to be very beneficial) and it will encourage them to incease and multiply if applied before they begin to emerge in Spring.


Ear to The Ground Magazine Autumn 2013
The latest news, views and reviews from rural Ireland.

Buy Irish. 
A top pick for us is Gee-up, an entirely Irish-made odourless manure product. The manure is collected from stables in Co Cork and composted, sieved and bagged near Blarney, Co Cork. Ten years old this year, the company is run by Bill and Judy Wigham, who have been keen gardeners and vegetable growers for many years. And this is a good news story in this age of business struggles
– the company has been steadily increasing its online business at

The Phoenix, March 22 2013

Organic Fertiliser.


BEEF up your borders and vegetable garden with 100% pure horse manure!
Produced near Blarney in Co Cork, Gee-up organic fertiliser is odourless horse manure - one of the best sources of the nutrients and humus required for healthy, fertile soil.
The long composting process produces enough heat to eradicate weed seeds in the manure and bedding (which is mostly wood shavings and sourced from local riding stables) and produces a texture that is easily dug into the soil.
When the manure is ready it is brought in to the barn to assist drying, after which it is sieved to remove any stones or horseshoes. See the process in a short video on
Gee-Up contains a full range of major and minor nutrients and is Ph neutral which makes it suitable for all plants - use it in baskets and tubs mixed with your regular compost to save on any added fertilisers or as mulch.

The Phoenix, 23 March 2012

     Everybody's garden needs a bit of a gee up as the growing season nears and Gee-up is just the thing to bring out the best in your blooms. There's no tricky stuff, Gee-up is pure horse manure that is composted, extra long and extra hot. This kills all the weed seeds and leaves a clean, crumbly and odourless product that knocks the need for separate chemical fertilisers on the head, even for tomatoes and hanging baskets.There's no need for special composts or separate mulches, Gee-up does it all and it's ph neutral.
     This natural and environmentally friendly product is made in Ireland by Bill and Judy Wigham near Blarney in Cork. Celebrity gardener Dermot O'Neill is a big fan and they sponsered his talk at Fota's gardening seminar late last year.
      Gee-up is available in all good garden centres or they can arrange bulk delivery nationwide. Check out their website

A load of old horse sh*t !

…..A relative who is an expert plants woman … told me early on to "work the soil”. I followed her advice and in doing so never thought that I would come to love and appreciate manure so much… So, twice a year, in autumn and spring we wheel barrow tons of well rotted horse manure across the road for our borders.

It is fantastic stuff. Every wheelbarrow load fills me with excitement knowing that my beloved plants will thrive in its organic mulchiness. It nourishes the soil, it keeps the weeds down, it locks moisture in and its rich dark hue makes everything look perfect.
If you don’t live next or near to your own manure heaven don’t despair, ‘Gee-up’ (horse manure in a bag effectively) is an excellent product and from a Cork-based company too. This is available to purchase at a wide variety of outlets.

by Emma Neville. Cork Independent Newspaper.


"...I have mulched with a special brand of horse manure called "Gee-up" ... the stuff has proved to be magic on the likes of hostas, herbaceous perennials, clematis, roses and shrubs which need to have constant moisture about their roots... if you spot the pink and green bag... try one and delight in the results"

Charlie Wilkins, Irish Examiner

"A lovely new Irish product arrived on my doorstep in time for spring mulching. Called 'Gee-up' ...The name is appropriate because not only is it made from well-rotted horse manure, but it promises to give vegetables, fruit, flowers, trees and shrubs a real boost or - gee-up just when they need it most, while also adding nourishment and humus to the soil. As I said, it's lovely stuff, doesn't smell of manure, is pleasant to touch, satisfying to use and adds instant texture, life and bulk to poor, thin and neglected soils. I gave some to my precious paeony.. and it seemed to leap out of the ground to meet it, and now I'm off to give some to the fruit, in particular the gooseberries, raspberries, currants and rhubarb, which could not have a greater treat!"

Helen Rock, The Sunday Tribune


Rural gardeners will have no problem sourcing animal manure but those in city and town will find an excellent product in that graded and shredded horse manure sold as Gee-up.

It neither smells nor looks unpleasant, it spreads easily and because it is dark brown and crumbly, gives a very professional looking finish wherever applied.

Charlie Wilkins. Irish Examiner 10.1.09